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Social Activities

May it be Earthquake or Cyclone, May it be Famine or Flood,

Saints rushed without any delay.

To wipe the tears of the affected,

To serve the food to the hungry,

To give solace to the survived,

To rehabilitate the survivors.

► In the event of any type of Natural Calamity or disaster, the Saints of Gurukul always rushed to help the affected people by providing them food water, clothes & shelter.

► On 21 such occasions so far, millions of Indian rupees are spent.

► 53 Schools are constructed in the earthquake affected villages and school bags are distributed.

► 230 families of orphans, disabled and helpless people are being provided food in their homes regularly by Navsari branch of The Gurukul.

► Under Anti-addiction campaign 7,00,000 people are freed from addiction.

► Rajkot Gurukul & Ghanshyam Gopalan Trust have jointly arranged 329 cattle camps at their own and 66 camps under Government sponsored programmes. In all 395 cattle camps have been arranged and 3,87,355 cattles are given free treatment.

► In the last seven years on the occasion of Makar Sankranti festival, under Cows Service Campaign Rs. 27,50,000/- are donated in 2750 villages .