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In the basement hall, portraits and statues will show the various inspiring life events of Pujya Shastriji Maharaj. In the ground floor hall, presentation of divine and miraculous charitras (divine deeds) of Shreeji Maharaj will show the superiority powers of Shreeji Maharaj. On the first floor, in marvellous throne, Pratishtha of Shree Ghanshyma Maharaj and Thakorji, worshipped by Pujya Shastriji Maharaj with capitulated nature, on 14th desember-2008.

On the second floor Bal-sanskar Bhavan for children and Vignan Bhavan with scientific modules will work for development of kids and teenagers. Inspiring events of child devotees will be exhibited in Bal-sanskar Bhavan.

Two huge domes, one central dome and another over the throne along with eleven small domes, eleven small dome templates, eight balconies and 54 artful windows will decorate the Aishwarya Darshan Bhavan. 44 crafty arches and 54 pillars will show the statues of saints and devotees from surrounding villages of Amreli district.

Preyar Hall

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