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B. Ed. College Bhavan :

A palatial designed two storeyed collage building  modern educational facilities to smoothen the progress of students in all aspects. Along with proper ventilating systems and spacious classrooms auditorium, library, prayer province, laboratories, computer section and various official departments are provided in the same structure to meet up the daily requisites of the students more quickly and efficiently.

B. Ed. Hostel Bhavan :

Along with the best education, students are provided with excellent hostel facility in the campus itself. A three storeyed attractive structure is available with all essential facilities for the all-round development of the students. With the limited numbers of the students in each ventilated and spacious room, students get all facilities required for the comfortable study & stay.

Well arranged daily Schedule: In the Gurukul, students’ time is utilised in the most efficient manner. The schedule is created with special care to not only utilize time, but assist them in creating life long regularity.

Computer Lab :

Computerised study and projects make the education more perfect and effective. To educate the students with modern techniques of education and train for perfect schooling easily a well equipped computer laboratory is provided. To remain update with latest inventions internet facility is also available in this computer laboratory.

Science Lab :

To verify the theoretical principals practically a well equipped science laboratory is provided. Appropriate furniture and apparatus, tools, samples, models, charts and kits are available for the demonstrations, observations and to carryout the various experiments and projects individually.

Psychology Lab :

Students can carry out the psychological experiments in a psychology Laboratory. Under the guidance of teachers, they can verify the psychological evidences with relevant instruments get the proper outcomes.

Library :

A wide range of reference & issue books are available in the library for the additional and supportive studies. Many relevant periodicals and selected magazines are also provided to enrich the knowledge with current flows and also to update the educational & vocational information.

Class room :

Classrooms are designed in a very spacious manner to accommodate necessary educational equipments for the learning of special and general subjects. Each classroom is restricted for limited students for the personal care and guidance to each student.

Kitchen & Dining Hall :

Under the personal care of saints and supervisors the pure, nutritious and delicious food is prepared and served to the students in a pious and clean atmosphere.

A varied food menu for all seven days of the week is set up from the wide range of various delicious dishes.